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Just Windows Terms & Conditions

We are committed to providing professional and quality services. Just Windows must be notified of unsatisfactory work performed within 24 hours of job completion. SEE DISCLAIMER BELOW.

man using squeegee cleaning window

Just Windows Is Not Responsible For

  1. Screens over 3 years old.
  2. Alarm systems (Customers to disconnect themselves).
  3. Grids on windows (We are not responsible for grids on, in, and around windows).
  4. Any scratched glass (We use a professional cleaning soap that acts as a polish. It will bring out any defects in your glass, especially with direct sunlight).
  5. Landscaping below windows.
  6. Customers must advise us of any special needs before we arrive.
  7. Any breakables and collectibles near windows.
  8. Any furniture near windows. (It is the responsibility of the customer to remove or move aside any furniture).
  9. Any discoloration due to chemicals used to clean kitchen or bathroom fixtures (especially older fixtures).
  10. Window treatments (It would be in the customer’s best interest to open or remove window treatments).
  11. Ceramic Roof Tiles.


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